About Us

We are a Scandinavian non-profit organization focusing on providing education to children

Our work

Founded in Copenhagen 2011, Hopes Foundation is a non-profit organization focusing on providing education to children in rural areas of Pakistan, through sponsorships and actively engaging local communities.


Our mission is to keep children alive, healthy and educated.

We believe that every child has the right to grow up in peace, free from fear and violence and with equal access to education and healthcare.

Our Story

The story behind Hopes Foundation and how it all started.

In 2010 devastating floods caused mass scale destruction in Pakistan. Thousands of schools were badly damaged by the flood water. Primary School Landi Daudzai in northwestern Pakistan was one of such schools. It went underwater for many days. The descending water left nothing but useless rubble and mud.

Hopes Foundation decided to rehabilitate this school so that children of the area could resume their education. We named the school 'Hopes ABC' and provided complete financial support for the rebuilding and running of this school. With local NGOs and volunteers, we started the rebuilding process in early 2011.

Thanks to our sponsors and partners, we were able to provide all the financial assistance to rebuild the school with all basic facilities for the children. Local community, school teachers and other social activists participated to make the Hopes ABC project a success.

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Meet the Team

Sair Anjum

Yusef Mubeen
Co-founder / Vice Chairman

Uswa Anjum

Asma Tahseen
Board Member

Ayaz Choughti
Board Member

Oria Mahmood
Street Team / Social Media


Our Local Team

Mansoor Sarwar
Local Partner

Mansoor Qaisar
Local Partner

Karim Ullah
School Principal

We collaborate with Adam Foundation in Pakistan

Adam Foundation