New Documentary Trailer – Help us build a school in Kashmir

We are building another school. In Kashmir. On top of a mountain! We need your help to achieve this goal and send hundred children to school.

Trailer: Three Days in Kashmir. Releasing May 1st, 2018.

Last year I visited Kashmir with other volunteers from Hopes Foundation, including my younger brother Arsal. The journey was a life-changing experience. Walking through the mountains of Kashmir was not an easy task. In simple words, it was devastating, both physically and mentally. I want to share our journey with you.

In this trailer you can get a glimpse of our experiences in Kashmir. First episode of the documentary series will be released on May 1st, 2018. Stay tuned!

The journey to Kashmir led to the start of a new project for Hopes Foundation: To build a new school for children in remote areas of the mighty mountains of Kashmir. To realize this project we need your help and prayers! I humbly request you to contribute to the cause.

Support the cause:

Construction of a new school building with inventory for hundred children of the Topa village community in Azad Kashmir. Fundraising goal is 60,000 DKK. You can help us reach this goal by one of the following ways:

Donate with credit card

Donate with MobilePay (in Denmark only)

For larger amounts, you may transfer directly to our bank account.

International transfers
IBAN: DK7584010001185497

Transfers in Denmark
Reg./Routing no. 8401
Konto/Account no. 1185497

Name of account holder: Hopes Foundation
Name of bank: Merkur Andelskasse

Hopes Foundation is approved by The Danish Fundraising Board (Indsamlingsnævnet) to receive donations.

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Thank you for your help and support!

/Asma Tahseen
Board Member of Hopes Foundation