Documentary: Three Days in Kashmir

The documentary series ‘Three Days in Kashmir’ follows the team behind Hopes, as they share both ups and downs, their background story and experiences during a field expedition to Kashmir, the northern region of the Indian subcontinent on the foothills of Himalayas.

Episode 1: The Reunion
Seven years after the devastating floods, the Hopes team reunites with their students in Northwestern Pakistan before heading to new terrain in Kashmir.


Episode 2: Hard terrain
First day of the expedition in Kashmir has begun. The poor infrastructure is taking a toll on the team. However, for the children of Kashmir it is part of their daily life.


Episode 3: The Threat
Tall walls and armed guards. The 2014 school massacre in Peshawar has had an impact on all schools in the region. The threat from extremist groups is not to be taken lightly. Other dangers lie lurking in the forests of Kashmir.


Episode 4: Uphill
The locals in Kashmir are trying to maintain children’s schooling, but their resources do not suffice. A feeling of hopelessness is beginning to enshroud the team, as the challenges are becoming more evident.


Episode 5: The Mountain School
A young teacher on the top of a mountain makes a good impression on the team. Their dream of building a school for Kashmir’s children moves closer to reality.


Episode 6: The Return
It’s the final day of the expedition, but the journey home from Kashmir is not going as planned. The team is caught on a mountain peak where they are facing a threatening storm.


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