Our School

We run a school for boys and girls in Northwestern Pakistan.

Visiting the Hopes school during lunch break

Our school is located in the village of Landi Daudzai in Pakistan's northwestern Charsadda district. Here we offer schooling for children from poor families who otherwise cannot afford to send their children to school.

The level of education in Pakistan is in a state of emergency. Currently, Pakistan has the world's second highest number of school-age children, who are not getting an education. Every 12th child in the world, who does not attend school, is a Pakistani. (Source: Pakistan Education Task Force)

The local community plays a crucial role in providing education to children. We work closely with local individuals and organisations to improve the conditions for children in Pakistan.

The Students

The children are divided into groups ranging from nursing to 6th grade. The groups consist of both challenged and stronger students.

Important measures have been taken to improve the quality of teaching in Hopes ABC. Our teachers make use of modern and interesting ways to teach the children, with lots of activity and play. This approach has produced positive results and skilled students. The school teachers receive regular courses to improve their teaching capabilities.


Meet the Project Team

Mansoor Sarwar
Lokal partner

Mansoor Qaisar
Lokal partner

Karim Ullah

Karim Ullah is the school inspector of Hopes ABC School in Pakistan. He holds two master's degrees and a bachelor's degree in teaching. He has completed various development courses from the British Council and other reputable organizations. Karimullah has good experience with teaching and classroom management. His approach to school-level issues and understanding for community building is very practical and realistic.

Karimullah took over as a school principal for Hopes ABC in 2013 with great success. Under his leadership, Hopes ABC has been featured in nationwide media and our teaching approach has been named one of Pakistan's most effective.

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